Welcome! I am glad that you stopped by to visit my personal web site! My name is Zaki, and I am using this site as medium to showcase all information about my Research, Expertise, Architectural Professional/Teaching work, Visualization Development, and share my work which I produced over the past years.

I have advanced research and practical experience in utilizing BIM technology, 3D modeling, computational design, building performance, environmental simulation, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), sustainability and visualization technologies. I am comfortable in leading design development and forming parametric design process and methods to support architectural projects, because of both my professional and academic design studios teaching experience. I am a passionate, self-motivated and creative individual with true passion for perfection and detail in his work.

Feel free to explore my work and contact me by Email (zaki@iconviz.com) to provide you with any information. I also welcome any feedback you would like to give.

Last updated April 2017.

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