Conference Papers

Articles in International Conferences

- November 2016: Mallasi, Zaki. Integrating Physical and Digital Prototypes Using Parametric BIM in the Pursuit of Kinetic Façade. Proceedings of the 8th ASCAAD-2016 International Conferences: Parametricism V. Materialism, SOAS, London, UK, 155-168, UK.Download paper

- January 2013: Pasch, Grete and Mallasi, Zaki. From Tension to Balance: Designing a New Library Building for Effat University. Proceedings of The 21st International BOBCATSSS Conference, Ankara, Turkey.Download paper

- November 2007: Mallasi, Z. Applying Generative Modelling Procedure to Explore Architectural Design. Proceedings of 3rd ASCAAD-2007 International Conferences: Embodying Virtual Architecture, Bibliotecha Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt.Download paper download presentation

- February 2005: Mallasi, Z. Identification and Visualization of Construction Activities’ Workspace Conflicts Utilising 4D CAD/VR Tools. Proceedings of 1st ASCAAD-2005 International Conferences: E-Design in Architecture, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi paper

- September 2003: Mallasi, Z. and Dawood, N. N., Development of VRML visualisation with AutoCAD.” Proceedings of CONVR2003, Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality. Virginia Tech. USA download paper

- April 2003: Mallasi, Z. and Dawood, N. N., A Generic inclusion of space strategies with activity execution patterns in 4D.” Conference Proceedings of CIB w78 conference 2003. Auckland. New Zealand download paer download presentation

- June 2002: Mallasi, Z. and Dawood, N. N., Registering the Spatial Requirements of Construction Activities to Rehearse Project Schedules Using Site-PECASO System.” Conference Proceedings of CIB w78 on Distributing Knowledge in Buildings, Aarhus. Denmark download paper download presentation

- October 2001: Mallasi, Z. and Dawood, N. N. “Assessing Space Criticality in Sequencing and Identifying Execution Patterns for Construction Activities Using VR Visualisations.” ARCOM Doctoral Workshop: Simulation and Modelling in Construction. Reading University, Edinburgh, UK download paper

- October 2001: Dawood, N., Sriprasert, E., Mallasi, Z. and Brian Hobbs. “Development of an Integrated Information Resource Base for 4D/VR Construction Processes Simulation.” Proceedings of AVR II CONVR 2001, Sweden download paper

- September 2000: Dawood, N., Hobbs, B., Akinsola, A., Mallasi, Z., Mahdjoubi, L., Heesom, D., Winch, G.M., Penn, A., Kelsey, J., Edkins, A., and North. S. (2000). The Virtual Construction Site: a Decision Support System for Construction Planning (VIRCON). Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality: Current Initiatives and Future Challenges, 4-5 September 2000, University of Teesside, UK.

- January 2000: Mallasi, Z. “Planning and Managing Construction Tasks Using VR Visualisations.” Proceedings of the Greenwich 2000 Symposium. Greenwich, London, UK.