Introduction to Site

iConViz © website is set up as my personal/professional medium for sharing my reflections and my works in Digital Design and Construction Visualization. The emphasized themes [Integration - Research – Innovation – Education] in my work aim at creating meaningful settings to achieve balance between Science, Art and Architectural design.

I realized the necessity to build my web site to show case my expertise to those interested in Digital Design and to expand my Research and Development skills collaboratively with professionals working on educational-project basis. Currently, the majority of my freelance works revolves around my key skills below:

- Experience in accelerating Revit/BIM Architectural modeling and usage thru project phases, BIM Content organization, and Architectural project-specific training using Revit.

- Work with the design teams through the set-up of Revit BIM projects, spatial programming and logistic studies.

- Specialties in Performance-based design and building environmental 3D simulation using Ecotect to analyze: natural day lighting, building best orientation, shading analysis, solar exposure, glare, Energy analysis, etc. I have also been providing training in Ecotect software for architectural design professionals.

- Integrating digital media techniques in my architectural design process combined with Parametric Design Computation to trigger innovative design ideas.

- Expanding my research and development of using advanced digital design tools to offer high-level analysis and simulation to optimize the design and building performance aspects.

- Ability to co-ordinate with project team the generation of 3D and 4D (3D + time) visualization.

- Past employments and project have given me experience in the design development, presentation layouts, and communication with consultants.

- High skills in CAD both in operating the program and deeper ability to customize the program by writing scripts and modules in Visual Basic, Revit families & API, VRML and GDL parametric object programming.

- Ability to think “Out of the Box” which encourages the discovery of new solutions instead of pre-assigned ones.